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Issue 3 - September 2021


Dear reader,

I hope you had a pleasant summer, and I am delighted to be back to continue the fruitful collaboration with the HOSPEEM members and staff.

Before the summer break, the HOSPEEM-EPSU joint project on strengthening social dialogue in the hospital sector was successfully closed with a third regional workshop and a final dissemination webinar gathering around 40 participants over video conference from over 12 EU Member states. Since 2019, the project has contributed to creating an interest in the priorities of national social partners across Europe. It has also shed light on the opportunities at the European level through the European sectoral social partners and the EU bodies.

These last few months brought some changes to our organisation. I am pleased to welcome Sylvie Slangen (Zorgnet-Icuro, Belgium) who joined our Steering Committee in March, taking over the daily management of HOSPEEM during the Summer. HOSPEEM would like to express its gratitude for her commitment and expertise to our organisation. It was an honour to work with Tjitte Alkema who is leaving us this winter. His contribution to the success of HOSPEEM for the past decade has been extraordinary. His leadership and presence will be sorely missed. In the light of these changes, members of the Steering Committee are welcome to nominate themselves as Vice-Secretary General(s) by 30 September 2021.

In this edition of the newsletter, you will find more information about the upcoming webinar of our joint multi-sectoral project on the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence well as news from Members, EU News, events and publications for hospital and healthcare employers. This newsletter has been conceived as interactive tools to facilitate the flow of communication, therefore you are invited to send us your contributions for future issues.

Enjoy your reading!

Marta Branca
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


HOSPEEM and SGI Europe joint response to the European Commission public consultation on the Green Paper on ageing

The key aspects in this response are that European citizens will receive the best possible healthcare and long-term care and can rely on adequate and sustainable pensions in the decades to come to live in dignity throughout their retirement. HOSPEEM and SGI Europe also highlighted that this target is also enshrined in principle 15 of the European Pillar of Social Rights

HOSPEEM Steering Committee and General Assembly in June 2021

HOSPEEM held its Steering Committee and General Assembly on 1st June via video conference. The HOSPEEM members welcomed Catherine Kane from Human Resources for Health Policies & Standards, Health Workforce Department at the World Health Organization (WHO). She presented the interim guide on health workforce policy and management in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which was followed by a discussion.
Further, members exchanged on national affairs and discussed updates from the HOSPEEM expert groups, the multi-sectoral project on third-party violence and the recent response to public consultations submitted by HOSPEEM.

Secretary General Marta Branca met with International Hospital Federation

On 3 September, HOSPEEM Secretary General Marta Branca met with Ronald Lavater, CEO of the International Hospital Federation, to exchange the organisations’ current and upcoming priorities.
The discussion particularly focused on the recruitment and retention of the health workforce, including labour migration, COVID-19 and joint efforts to tackle third-party violence in the health sector.

Project webinars on "the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work

TPV project _header
This multi-sectoral project aims to assess the effectiveness at the national level of the EU Multi-sectoral social partners’ guidelines to tackle and prevent third-party violence and harassment related to work (2010). The webinar 1 took place on 15 June 2021, focusing on setting the scene of this joint project. The webinar 2 on a gender-sensitive approach to violence and harassment at the workplace will take place on 24 September 2021. Registration is opened until 20 September. The webinar 3 will take place on 11 October 2021.

HOSPEEM's activities in the focus of the EU-OSHA study on evidence from the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER)

Steering Committee member and Lead Expert of the OSH Expert Group, Kate Ling, was interviewed in the context of EU-OSHA's in-depth analysis of the findings from the three waves of ESENER on the health sector and how the COVID-19 crisis has affected OSH management in the sector.

HOSPEEM’s response to the European Commission public consultation on micro-credentials and individual learning accounts

HOSPEEM responded to the public consultations on Micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability and on Individual Learning Accounts stressing the need for a social partners’ led approach that respect the specificity of national industrial relations systems when defining training schemes and providing new opportunities for employment.

HOSPEEM response to EU4Health related priorities, strategic orientations and needs 2022

HOSPEEM provided input to the targeted consultation, highlighting that the Programme should focus on initiatives facilitating member states to overcome workforce shortages and medical brain drain. While medical deserts are essential to achieve equal access to healthcare, the underlying factors are workforce shortages and brain drain. Member States needs to recognise the importance of national self-sufficiency by investing in training, recruitment and retaining the health workforce.


VKA-HOSPEEM leadership meeting

In May 2021, a meeting between Vereinigung der kommunalen Arbeitgeberverbände VKA (Germany) and HOSPEEM Leadership was virtually organised.
The meeting was an occasion to better exchange on priorities and challenges faced by social partners at national and EU level and to have a comprehensive overview of the collective bargaining mechanisms in Germany. HOSPEEM also hosted a members-only webinar on the topic of collective bargaining in the hospital sector with contributions from Zorgnet-Icuro (Belgium) and FEHAP (France) as well as Eurofound on 25 May. Another HOSPEEM webinar on collective bargaining is planned on 7 October 2021 with a contribution from VKA (Germany).

RN2Blend study on the resilience of health care professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak

In this evidence-based study, recommendations were developed on how to build and maintain resilience of frontline healthcare professionals exposed to COVID-19 outbreak working conditions. These recommendations can be used by hospitals and other healthcare organisations to foster and preserve short-term and long-term physical and mental health. RN2Blend is a four-year research programme RN2Blend conducted by a consortium of the Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ), the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) and several universities in the Netherlands.

NHS employers programme on staff wellbeing

Delivered by NHS Employers, the health and wellbeing (HWB) programme promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing at work with guidance on a variety of health and safety issues. This program has a large health and wellbeing network specifically for health and wellbeing leads in NHS provider organisations to connect and share good practices across the NHS in England.


New EC Strategic Framework (2021-2027) on Health & Safety at Work

The new framework has a strong focus on the health sector, ranging from initiatives to provide updated guidelines for protecting workers against exposure to hazardous medicinal products, to produce an OSH overview of the health and care sector. It also invites the social partners in the health sector to develop a guidance on workers protection from the exposure to hazardous medicinal products, paving the way for developing the online interactive risk assessment (OiRA) tool specifically for the health care sector in collaboration with the EU-OSHA.

Five new European Commission-funded health workforce-focused projects have been launched

The five projects cover areas on retention (MEnTal hEalth: fOcus on Retention of healthcare workers (METEOR), task shifting (Empowering EU health policies on Task SHIfting (TaSHI)) and three on medical deserts: Action for Health and Equity - Addressing Medical Deserts (AHEAD); prOmoting evidence-bASed rEformS; and A Roadmap OUT of mEdical deserts into supportive Health WorkForce initiatives and policies (ROUTE-HWF).

European Biosafety Network survey on the impact of COVID-19 on sharps

The survey conducted in Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Italy, covering more than 300,000 healthcare workers, aimed to understand, why and how there has been a change in the number, type and location of sharps injuries as a result of the COVID pandemic.

European Commissioned launched Sectoral Social Dialogue review process

In the context of the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, the review process aims to support the EU sectoral social dialogue to better embrace challenges in the world of work, such as digitalisation and new forms of work. With the support of the HOSPEEM Industrial Relations Expert Group, HOSPEEM already provided input to the process.

WHO launched 4th round of reporting on implementation of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel

The reporting instruments for Non-State Actors and Private Recruitment Agencies who play a key role in the international mobility of health personnel have been launched to enrich knowledge on the implementation of the Code.


8-9/06/2021: EC Advisory Committee on Vocational Training – Plenary Session

15/06/2021: HOSPEEM and EPSU Secretariat presented the Follow-up and implementation of the Directive 2010/32/EU on the prevention from sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector at the European Biosafety Network webinar: Preventing sharps injuries, MDR and safety mechanism in medical devices

07/07/2021: HOSPEEM represented the interest of hospital employers at the informal meeting to discuss findings of the Eurofound industrial relations landscape report in the public services sector in Europe

11/08/2021: HW4All Coalition - Civil Society Briefing - 4th Round of Reporting WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel

03/09/2021: Webinar on protection of hospital workers from the occupational risks related to carcinogens, organised by the Slovenian Presidency


HOSPEEM events
- 07/10/2021: HOSPEEM Webinar on collective bargaining
- 12/10/2021: HOSPEEM Steering Committee
- 29/11/2021: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee

- 24/09/2021: TPV project Webinar 2 on Gender-based violence and harassment
- 11/10/2021: TPV project Webinar 3 on Risk assessment
- 19/11/2021: TPV project Mid-term conference, Madrid
- 30/11/2021: SSDC Hospital Sector Plenary

Other events
- 21/10/2021: 1st technical seminar on Sectoral Social Dialogue review process, organised by the European Commission
- 08/11/2021: IHF Congress Barcelona
- 18/11/2021: 2nd technical seminar on Sectoral Social Dialogue review process, organised by the European Commission
- 09/12/2021: 3rd technical seminar on Sectoral Social Dialogue review process, organised by the European Commission


HOSPEEM-EPSU project on strengthening sectoral social dialogue in the hospital sector: Regional report 3 – Central Europe

Eurofound report on tackling labour shortages in EU Member States

EC Expert panel on effective ways of investing in health - draft opion on “Supporting the mental health of health workforce and other essential workers

EC Expert Panel on Health system Performance Assessment: An overview of current approaches and opportunities for improvement – Improving access to healthcare through more powerful measurement tools

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