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Issue 4 - December 2022


Dear ,
The HOSPEEM-EPSU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector (SSDC-HS) and the HOSPEEM General Assembly in November marked a formal end to the social dialogue calendar for 2022.
In 2023, HOSPEEM is looking forward to work closely with EPSU to successfully continue working on the current Work Programme. This winter brought some changes to HOSPEEM. I am pleased to announce that Tore Kvalheim from Spekter, Norway, was nominated in the HOSPEEM Steering Committee.

In this newsletter edition, you can find EU News, events and publications relevant for hospital employers. You can also read more on the Joint HOSPEEM – EPSU Technical Seminar on Skills and Digitalisation on 30 November 2022 with examples from EU Sectoral Social Partners on employers’ and workers’ current challenges in digital transformation. In our section dedicated to HOSPEEM member’s news, you are always welcome to send us your contributions for the next newsletters.

I wish you all a pleasant winter break, enjoy your reading!

Marta Branca
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


HOSPEEM - EPSU Technical Seminar on Skills and Digitalisation

The Technical Seminar on digital health transformation of integrated care in Europe welcomed presentations from Martin Dorazil (EC DG SANTE), Sasa Jenko (DG REFORM) and EP MEP Istvan Ujhelyi.
Social partners shared insightful examples from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland and Cyprus:
• BE: Peter Raeymaekers, Zorgnet–Icuro on the digital steps towards integrated care
• CZ: Jiří Horecký, Czech Union of Employers on the preparedness of health care digitalization
• FI: Outi Ahonen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences on the Professionals Needed Competencies Developing Digital Health and Social Care Services
• CY: Marios Karaiskakis, PASIN and National Committee on Digitalisation on the Digitization processes.
EPSU and HOSPEEM would like to thank all the speakers and participants for their rich contributions. All presentations are available here.

Marta Branca speaking at the EESC Hearing on The European Care Strategy

On 7 December 2022, HOSPEEM Secretary General, Marta BRANCA delivered comprehensive remarks to a European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) public hearing on “The European Care Strategy: challenges and the way forward".
"Longterm care is important to the smooth-running of the hospital sector. Different challenges await but funding and social dialogue are important everywhere" stated Marta Branca, HOSPEEM Secretary General.

HOSPEEM Steering committee and General Assembly in November 2022

The HOSPEEM Steering Committee and General Assembly took place in Brussels on 14 November in a hybrid format. It was a pleasure to welcome Ms Nuša Žunec from the Association of private polyclinics, hospitals, sanatoriums and health care institutions (HUP) within the Croatian Employers’ Assocation (CEA), who presented her organisation and its main activities.
Members discussed the operability of the hospital sector due to the energy crisis highlighting challenges and sharing good practices across Europe. The Secretariat gave an update on the HOSPEEM participation in current projects, i.e. the Multisectoral project on “The Role of Social Partners in Preventing Third-Party Violence and harassment at work 2021-2023" and the multi-stakeholder BeWell project on a "Blueprint alliance for a future health workforce strategy on digital and green skills 2022-2026".

Multisectoral project on “The Role of Social Partners in Preventing Third-Party Violence and harassment at work”

TPV project _header
After six webinars, the Final Conference of the Multisectoral Project took place on 25 November 2022 in Madrid at the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSHT). Around 100 participants discussed the study prepared by the contracted researcher Jane Pillinger and endorsed an Action Plan. Social Partners will discuss the policy recommendations during the first half year of 2023.


Study on the readiness of the Czech healthcare system for digitisation

The Union of Employers’ Associations of the Czech Republic (UZS ČR) and the Alliance for Telemedicine and Digitalisation of Healthcare and Social Services, z. s. (ATDZ) between February and September 2022 released a study together with KPMG on the Readiness of the Czech healthcare system for digitisation. The study describes the current state of digitalisation of healthcare in the Czech Republic, elaborates on foreign case studies, identifies main barriers for development of eHealth as well as opportunities and threats to the further advancement of digitalisation.The study is available in Czech with an executive summary in English.

Building a resilient health sector in the U.K.: investment gives back to the economy

An independent analysis commissioned by the NHS Confederation in 2022 has quantified the positive relationship between increasing NHS spending and improved health outcomes, labour productivity and economic activity. This research entitled “From safety net to springboard: putting health at the heart of economic growth” suggests that every pound invested in the NHS gives £4 back to the economy through increased productivity, demonstrating that the NHS is both an engine room for UK PLC and a security net for our local communities.”


European Health Union: Adoption of EC EU4Health work programme 2023

The European Commission adopted the 2023 EU4Health work programme in November. Health is an investment and, with a €5.3 billion budget during the 2021-27 period, the EU4Health programme provides EU financial support in the health area. Funding opportunities under the EU4Health Programme are published by the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)

European Year of Skills 2023

The European Parliament and the Council is now discussing the European Commission's proposal on the European Year of Skills 2023. In Parliament, the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs has taken the lead, with Loucas Fourlas (EPP, Cyprus) as rapporteur, while the Committee on Culture and Education will contribute with an opinion.

European Care Strategy adopted by the Council of the European Union

The Council of the European Union adopted the European Care Strategy, consisting of a recommendation on access to affordable high-quality long-term care and one on early childhood education and care. Member States are recommended to report on the set of measures they aim to take or have implemented.

European Parliament trilogue agrees on proposal gender pay gap transparency

An agreement has been reached at the European Parliament on a directive that requires EU companies to disclose information on salaries to expose existing gender pay gaps; the directive will be formally adopted at the beginning of 2023.

Swedish Council Presidency Priorities

The Swedish Council Presidency, starting 01.01.2023, has published its priorities for the coming months.

European Commission evaluation on State Subsidy Rules for Health and Social Services of General Interest

The European Commission evaluated the 2012 services of general (economic) interest (“SG(E)I”). Package, identifying that though it brought simplification, stakeholders are still facing challenges in understanding the (non) economic nature of the activities.


19-20/10/2022 & 13/12/2022: The BeWell project partners’ meeting took place on 19 and 20 October. Discussions focused on the strategy to develop in the years to come. On 13 December HOSPEEM attended the launch event of the Pact for Skills large-scale partnership for the health ecosystem, hosted by EHMA in the framework of the project. HOSPEEM is involved in the project outcome dedicated to skills strategy development.

21/11/2022: HOSPEEM participated and commented on the EC proposal to mark 2023 as the EU Year of Skills during the Information Session on the European Year of Skills 2023 organized by DG EMPL. HOSPEEM stressed the role of sectoral social partners in creating enabling environments for skills policies to grow.

22/11/2022: HOSPEEM participated in Joint ETUI EPSU Seminar on Preventing Damage to the Mental Health of Health and Care Workers - Launch of the Report: "Psychosocial Risks in the Healthcare and Long-Term Care Sectors"


HOSPEEM events
- 31/01/2023: HOSPEEM Capacity-Building Seminar, Online
- 09/03/2023:
HOSPEEM Steering Committee/General Assembly, Brussels
- 08/06/2023:
HOSPEEM SC/FAC/General Assembly, Online or Brussels
- 10/10/2023:
HOSPEEM Steering Committee, Online
- 23/11/2023:
HOSPEEM Steering Committee/General Assembly, Brussels

HOSPEEM Expert Groups
-06/02/2023, 09/05/2023, 17/10/2023: OSH Expert Group
-15/02/2023, 17/05/2023, 04/10/2023:
Skills Expert Group
-21/02/2023, 23/05/2023, 24/10/2023:
Social Dialogue Expert Group

- 10/03/2023: SSDC Hospital Sector Working Group 1/2023, Brussels
- 09/06/2023:
SSDC Hospital Sector Working Group 2/2023, Brussels or Online TBC
- 24/11/2023:
SSDC Hospital Sector Plenary session 2023, Brussels

Other events
- 13/01/2023: ECHAlliance CONNECTINGHEALTH: Future Workshop on Digital Health Skills & Workforce
- 24/01/2023: BeWell Project Winter General Assembly


EC Independent Expert Panel opinion on effective ways of investing in health on the impact of the post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) on health systems (and fact sheet)

OECD Policy paper on investing in health systems to protect society and boost the economy: Priority investments and order-of-magnitude cost estimates

WHO European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies Country snapshots "How does the health sector contribute to the economy?"

EC-OECD Health at a Glance: Europe 2022 - full reportexecutive summary

ILO Violence and harassment at work – an employers' guide

EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load Summit 2022 Presentations and Summary

ILO Experiences of violence and harassment at work: A global first survey

Eurofound report on Social dialogue and collective bargaining in the hospital sector during the COVID-19 pandemic

European cross-sectoral social partners work programme 2022 – 2024 (SGI Europe, ETUC, BusinessEurope, SMEunited)

SGI Europe Final Project Report on Involving SGIs in the European Semester

WHO Selected methodologies to monitor the implementation of digital health in Europe

ETUI report on psychosocial risks in the healthcare and long-term care sectors - Evidence review and trade union views

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HOSPEEM-EPSU Updated Framework of Actions on recruitment and retention