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Alianza de la Sanidad Privada Española
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Alianza de la Sanidad Privada Española

ASPE, is the Spanish member of HOSPEEM. It joined HOSPEEM as observer member on April 1st, 2016.

ASPE, created by the merger by absorption between the Spanish Federation of Private Clinics, FNCP, and the National Confederation of Private Clinics and Hospitals, CNCHP, is a non-profit statewide organisation and is the most representative association of Spanish private healthcare, with over 600 associated hospitals across the country, i.e. more than 75% of the private hospitals based in Spain.

It was established under Law 19 of 1st April 1977 which regulates the right of association. Its constitution was promoted by Marcial Gómez Gil, who was its first President and President of Honor.

ASPE is headed by Ms. Cristina Contel, also President of FNCP since October 2013, and of the Catalan Association of Health Organizations, ACES. The Board is composed of representatives from both large business groups and smaller hospitals. All Spanish Regions are also represented in the Board regardless their size or location.

ASPE main activities consist in promoting and defending the system of free private initiative in the framework of free market economy, representing and managing the general and common interests in the media and in providing a better understanding of the socio-economic role of Private Health.

In July 2013, ASPE, along with other important associations of the tourism and health industries, launched Spaincares with the aim of promoting and publicising the quality of Spanish health and tourism around the world and encouraging the arrival of medical tourists to the country.

ASPE works in close cooperation with the Spanish Health Ministry, the Regional Health Authorities and other relevant stakeholders in Spain and at European level to ensure a higher quality of care and better health outcomes.