Issue 1 - February 2018


Dear reader reader,

HOSPEEM is making a kick-start in 2018, in particular with the joint HOSPEEM-EPSU SHARPS Survey. HOSPEEM and EPSU would like to follow up on the Directive 2010/32/EU on the prevention from sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector with its members. Once the results have been collected, the HOSPEEM-EPSU Secretariats will prepare a report, to be shared with their members, the EC and other relevant stakeholders.

HOSPEEM is also gathering HOSPEEM members’ priorities through a questionnaire. The purpose is to identify relevant issues from the perspective of hospital employers in relation to the relevant developments at national level and European level. HOSPEEM members are invited to complete the questionnaire by 16 March 2018.

The preparations have already started for the second Social Partners’ Conference on Occupational Safety and Health (prevention and reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Psychosocial Risks and Stress at Work) that will take place on 23-24 May 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. HOSPEEM would like to use the outcome of the conference to further shape the Social Dialogue in the future.

In this newsletter, you can find HOSPEEM News, News from the Members, EU News, information on events attended, upcoming events and recent publications. This newsletter and the modernised HOSPEEM website have been conceived as interactive tools to facilitate the flow of communication from the EU level, to support the exchange of information between our members and to give your organisation’s voice a broader diffusion across Europe. Therefore, you are invited to send us your contributions for future issues.

Enjoy your reading!

Tjitte Alkema
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


Save the date – HOSPEEM-EPSU Social Partner's Conference, 23-24th May

As part of the HOSPEEM-EPSU project on Recruitment and Retention, Hospital and Healthcare Employers Associations, Trade Unions, international stakeholders and experts will explore best practices in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, focusing on prevention and reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Psychosocial Risks and Stress at Work in Vilnius on 23-24th May 2018.
Registrations open on 1st March.

HOSPEEM Activity Report 2017

2017 has been a productive year for HOSPEEM with a number of achievements and activities presented in this report published this month. You can also find basic information on the history of HOSPEEM, on the membership structure and contacts.

Final HOSPEEM-EPSU conference report on CPD

The report of the HOSPEEM-EPSU conference "Working together, learning together - Switching to the learning mode" on the key role played by social partners in the field of CPD is published.

Dutch Health managers visit HOSPEEM

On 11 January a group of Dutch healthcare managers of organisations representing employers in the health- elderly/homecare-, mental and handicapped-care visited HOSPEEM to discuss overarching topics relevant in the Dutch context and recent initiatives by the EU commission.
At this occasion, Simone Mohrs (HOSPEEM Policy Officer) presented the recently launched second phase consultation on Social Protection of EU workers. The participants, representing the interest of organisations with 1,2 million employees in the Dutch Hospital and Healthcare sector assessed that discussing topics of national interest in the international/European setting had an inspiring and thereby deepening effect on the perspective and the content for their dialogue.


The Lithuanian National Association of Healthcare Organizations (Nacionalinė sveikatos priežiūros įstaigų asociacija) is the Lithuanian member of HOSPEEM. Founded in 2001 the Association represents 10 healthcare organizations and its members employ 12 000 employees. The Lithuanian National Association of Healthcare Organizations coordinates and creates healthcare and policy strategy in collaboration with the Lithuanian Parliament, Lithuanian Government and Ministry of Health to achieve better healthcare for patients and to support healthcare reforms in Lithuania.

Future hospitals & healing architecture in Denmark

In January, the HOSPEEM Danish member Danske Regioner and the Danish Architecture Centre (Dansk Arkitektur Center) opened the exhibition "Future Hospitals-healing architecture" which aims to highlight the importance of environment in the new hospitals.
Foto by: Courtesy MODOS og Kommunikationsafdelingen, Hospitalsenheden Vest, Herning Birthgiving in the future
As new technologies offer new opportunities, the Danish Regions will build or rebuild 43 new hospitals by 2025, so that hospitals will be better equipped and designed to support the healing process. (Foto by: Courtesy MODOS og Kommunikationsafdelingen, Hospitalsenheden Vest, Herning - Birthgiving in the future)

NHS Guide on improving staff retention

NHS recently published a comprehensive guide for improving staff retention aimed at employers. The guide was developed during 2016-17 where NHS Employers engaged a large number of NHS organisations to help equip them with tools and resources to shape and implement effective workforce retention plans. A number of key information, resources and case studies to help you think about improving turnover and managing staff effectively.


EC Call for Proposal on social innovation and national reforms

DG EMPL opened a Call for Proposal on social innovation and national reforms: EaSI-PROGRESS - Innovative work-life balance strategies to facilitate reconciliation of professional and caring responsibilities. The deadline for submitting proposal is 18 April 2018.

Employment and Social Development Quarterly Review

DG EMPL published their latest Quarterly Review, sheading an overall positive light on rising employment rates. Interestingly, national employment rates ranged from 58% in Greece to 82% in Sweden.

SOCIEUX+ website launch

SOCIEUX+ has launched its new website, which gives a window into the SOCIEUX+ facility and its social protection, labour and employment activities all over the world. SOCIEUX+ is a technical assistance facility set up and co-funded by the EU through the European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development and the governments of France, Spain, and Belgium.


10/01/2018: The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO/MKB New Year reception, Brussels, Belgium. The HOSPEEM Secretariat attended the reception where Frans Timmermans presented his vision for 2018 and the last 18 months of this European Commission for more than 200 guests. Next to speaking about the impact of the economic crisis, he also outlined Brexit as an opportunity for Europe: Whereas until recently, the EU was seen as something unbreakable, with the outcome of the Brexit referendum, it has become clear that the EU is indeed vulnerable and may therefore also be valued more highly in the remaining member states.

18-19/01/2018: Health &Ageing sector investment, European funds and human Resources: the post 2020 perspective, Rome, Italy (Organised by ProMIS - Mattone Internazionale Salute Programme and the Italian Ministry of Health, along with the support of CHAFEA - Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency). The HOSPEEM Secretariat was invited to speak on Social Partner joint actions in the field of CPD and LLL and their role in skills, qualification & competency evaluation in the light of a rapidly changing hospital environment.

6-7/02/2018: Planning for health professions: how to act on skills needs, Brussels, Belgium (organised by a Joint Tenderer of Semmelweis University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Italian Ministry of Health, AGENAS, CPME and supported by the EU Health programme 2014-2020). The HOSPEEM Secretariat was invited to attend the first of five workshops of the Joint Tender. The next workshop will take place in Autumn 2018.


HOSPEEM events
- 07/03/2018: HOSPEEM Board Meeting
- 03/04/2018: HOSPEEM Steering Committee/General Assembly
- 20/06/2018: HOSPEEM Steering Committee/General Assembly
- 13/11/2018: HOSPEEM Steering Committee/General Assembly
- 04/04/2018: Sectoral Social Dialogue Meeting Working Group 1/2018, Brussels
- 05/04/2018: Second Meeting of the R&R Project Steering Group 2 on OSH Brussels
- 23-24/05/2018: R&R Project Conference on OSH, Vilnius
- 21/06/2018: Sectoral Social Dialogue Meeting Working Group 2/2018, Brussels
- 12/11/2018: Sectoral Social Dialogue Plenary Meeting 2018, Brussels
Other events
- 21/02/2018: Prioritising patient safety post-Brexit organised by 14 European organisations, Brussels
- 22/02/2018: 9th Meeting of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, Brussels, Belgium.
- 26/02/2018: University of Amsterdam (UVA) & EC BARSOP Final Conference: 'Bargaining and Social Dialogue at the Public Sector: Comparative Perspectives', Brussels
- 22/03/2018: SPEEED - Social Partner Engagement and Effectiveness in European Dialogue dissemination workshop by a partnership of 5 higher education institutions (UK, SE, DE).


ETUC, BusinessEurope, UAPME, CEEP and Eurochambers: A European Partnership for Integration: Offering opportunities for refugees to integrate into the European labour market

The European Commission and the EU Social and Economic partners signed a European Partnership for Integration, laying down key principles and commitments to support and strengthen opportunities for refugees and migrants legally residing in the EU to integrate into the European labour market.

Eurofound’s report on ageing and sustainable working conditions published

The report analyses these factors in depth for the 28 EU Member States using data from the latest European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS 2015). The report also investigates the conditions of employment for different age groups, linking them to work life balance, health & well-being and career prospects.

EC Social Agenda 50 – The new social dimension

The latest edition of the EC Social Agenda magazine explains how the European Pillar of Social Rights, proclaimed by EU leaders last November, sets the stage for a more united and democratic EU and is strengthening the social dimension of EU economic governance. For the first time, the EU's yearly economic, social and fiscal policy coordination process, the "European Semester", assesses Member States' performance in the light of the European Pillar of Social Rights' indicators.

EC Expert Panel on Effective ways of Investing in Health published three new opinions

The Expert Panel’s mission is to provide the Commission with independent advice in the form of opinions in response to questions. Recently the expert panel published three new opinions on Innovative payment models for high-cost innovative medicines; Tools and methodologies for assessing the performance of primary care, Benchmarking access to healthcare in the EU . All opinions are available here.

Second European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks

This second survey (ESENER-2) highlights that, although traditional occupational safety risks are largely well addressed across Europe, health and psychosocial risks are not as well managed. There is a need to expand current trends to more comprehensively address health and psychosocial risks as part of good OSH practice.

ILO World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2018

The report published in January analyses key job quality indicators, devoting particular attention to informality, underemployment and temporary employment. It also takes stock of structural sectoral shifts and ageing, two long-term trends likely to add further pressures on the labour market.
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