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Issue 2 - June 2022


Dear reader,

In this edition of the newsletter, you will find information about the recent HOSPEEM activities, news from our members as well as relevant EU News, events and publications for hospital employers. During the statutory meetings in May, the HOSPEEM Steering Committee and the Financial Advisory Committee were appointed for a 3-year mandate, and John Delamere, HSE, was elected as Vice-Secretary General.

I am also pleased to announce that on the following day during the Sectoral Social Dialogue HOSPEEM and EPSU adopted the updated framework of actions on recruitment and retention, an important basis for social partners at European and national level to develop concrete action to tackle staff shortages and qualification needs now and in the future. This document has been updated after more than 10 years and now includes aspects related to e.g. COVID-19, digitalisation and increasing occupational health and safety issues.

This newsletter has been conceived as an interactive tool to facilitate the flow of communication, therefore you are invited to send us your contributions for future issues.

Enjoy your reading!

Marta Branca
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


HOSPEEM Steering committee elections and General Assembly in May 2022

The HOSPEEM General Assembly took place hybrid in Brussels on 30 May and elected the Steering Committee and the Financial Advisory Committee for a 3-year mandate.
The new HOSPEEM Steering Committee is now composed of Marta Branca (Aran, IT), John Delamere (HSE, IE), Jevgenijs Kalejs (LHA, LT), Kate ling (NHS, UK) and Sylvie Slangen (Zorgnet-Icuro, BE).

Election SC 2022-2025 Linkedin

HOSPEEM-EPSU Joint Press Release on the updated Framework of Actions on recruitment and retention

The revised text better reflects the changes Europe’s health services have undergone in recent years. The HOSPEEM-EPSU updated Framework of Actions on Recruitment and Retention (FoA R&R) was signed during the Sectoral Social Dialogue meeting in May 2022. The updated document includes aspects related to COVID-19, work-life balance, gender equality and digitalisation, focusing on the increasing Occupational Health and Safety issues which are important for health workers.

Multisectoral project on the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work

During the webinar 6 on 13 June 2022 a brainstorming on the future of the guidelines took place.
The Final Conference will take place on 25 November 2022 (Date TBC) in Madrid coinciding with the international day on the eradication of violence against women
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HERA: HOSPEEM now a member of the Civil Society Advisory Forum

HOSPEEM will join the newly founded body that advises the new European Commission Service HERA that aims to improve “preparedness and response to serious cross-border threats in the area of medical countermeasures”. Marta Branca, Secretary General, will represent HOSPEEM at the Civil Society Advisory Forum.
2022-06-13 HERA Advisory Forum

EU-OSHA “Healthy Workplaces” campaign partner event

HOSPEEM joined the event on 13-14 June 2022 and received a certificate as official campaign partner during a reception with EU-OSHA Interim Executive Director William Cockburn and European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit. The EU-OSHA Campaign Healthy Workplaces 'Lighten the Load' is organised into a set of priority areas until November 2022.

The year 2021 at a glance - HOSPEEM Activity report

2021 has been a busy year ensuring that the views of hospital and healthcare employers are being heard at the highest level. The HOSPEEM Activity Report 2021 was published and presents the main activities carried out during the year 2021 as well as relevant information on the structure and membership of HOSPEEM.


NVZ asks House of Representatives to support acute care in the Netherlands

In May, NVZ (The Dutch Hospital Association) asked the House of Representatives in a letter to support acute care in 3 ways: invest in healthcare professionals, maintain basic emergency care close to the patient, organise the funding based on availability. The letter highlighted that the emergency chain is under pressure due to the increasing acute demand for care and the increasingly tight labor market. The hospitals are already working on training sufficient healthcare professionals with their partners enabling more cooperation between or even integration of various emergency care functions.

FEHAP launches a podcast channel giving a voice to the healthcare sector in France

In May, FEHAP (Fédération des Etablissements Hospitaliers & d’Aide à la Personne Privés Non Lucratifs) launched a podcast channel “la voix solidaire” giving a voice to health stakeholders and hospital professionnals within the FEHAP membership and beyond. Each episode is an opportunity to meet FEHAP guests, people in the hospital and healthcare field, committed, known or less known, who agreed, to share their vision, their analysis, their journey, the reasons for their commitment.


European Commission Sectoral Social Dialogue review process

HOSPEEM actively participated in the dedicated hearings in March and April, and joined 33 other sectoral social partners in expressing concerns about the current proposed changes to the sectoral social dialogue. The two communications are expected to be published in fall 2022.

European Commission: European Semester spring package covers health systems

Eight Member States received recommendations regarding the state of healthcare, including Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Adoption of the skills and talents Package

As part of the comprehensive approach to migration set out in the Pact on Migration and Asylum, the Commission is proposing legal, operational and policy initiatives to attract skills and talent to the EU.

European institutions reached provisional agreement on minimum wage directive

Member States with statutory minimum wages will be requested to put in place a procedural framework to set and update these minimum wages according to a set of clear criteria. Social Partners will have to be involved.

European Commission: proposal regulation for a European Health Data Space

The proposal would enable patients to allow practicioners to access their files when in another EU Member State.

Conference on the Future of Europe: final report

The one-year consultation has ended, resulting in a final report. Amongst the 48 final recommendations, citizens express a call to boost public and private investments in infrastructure and services such as health care.

Hazardous Medicinal Products: workshops for safe management guidance

A consortium led by RPA is developing a Guidance document for the safe management of hazardous medicinal products at work (HMPs), under contract to the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL).


23/05/2022: HOSPEEM spoke during the public hearing on the health workforce of the European Economic and Social Committee, within the framework of the own-initiative report “Health Workforce and Care Strategy for the Future of Europe

04/05/2022: HOSPEEM spoke about the ESENER study on the health sector during an event organised by EU-OSHA entitled: "OSH management in the Human health and social work – what are European workplaces telling us?

28/04/2022: HOSPEEM spoke during the input session of the European Economic and Social Committee, for the own-initiative report “Health Workforce and Care Strategy for the Future of Europe

31/03/2022: HOSPEEM spoke during the dedicated hearing on the possible outcomes of the Sectoral Social Dialogue review


HOSPEEM events
- 11/10/2022: Steering Committee, Online
- 11/10/2022: Capacity building webinar TBC
- 14/11/2022: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee, Brussels
- 15/11/2022: SSDC Hospital Sector Plenary session, Brussels
- TBC 25/11/2022: Third-Party Violence final conference
Other events
- 04/05/2022: Launch event of the EU-OSHA ESENER study on the health sector: "OSH management in the human health and social work – what are European workplaces telling us?


EU-OSHA report on worker participation in the prevention of musculoskeletal risks at work

Eurofound report on involvement of social partners in the national recovery and resilience plans

Eurofound country reports on working life in the COVID-19 pandemic 2021

European Commission report on the operation of Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare

European Parliament resolution on cohesion policy as an instrument to reduce healthcare disparities and enhance cross-border health cooperation

ILO report on investing in care leave and services for a more gender equal world of work

ILO social dialogue deport 2022: collective bargaining for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery

ILO report on securing decent work for nursing personnel and domestic workers, key actors in the care economy

HOSPEEM-EPSU final report and factsheets on strengthening social dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe

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