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Issue 4 - December 2021


Dear reader,

In November, the HOSPEEM-EPSU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector (SSDC-HS) and the HOSPEEM General Assembly/Steering Committee marked a formal end to the social dialogue calendar for 2021. I was elected as Secretary General of HOSPEEM by the members of the General Assembly for a three-year mandate period until end of 2024. I am very grateful for the support expressed by members and I look forward to continuing our joint efforts as a strong European employers’ organisation, I am convinced important results are laying ahead of us in the years to come.

This winter brought some changes to HOSPEEM. John Delamere from HSE, Ireland, was nominated Vice-Secretary General until mid-2022. HOSPEEM said goodbye to Tjitte Alkema, whose extraordinary contribution over the past 13 years has been highly appreciated and highlighted during our November statutory meeting. We are pleased to welcome Tore Eugen Kvalheim from Norway as the representative of SPEKTER to HOSPEEM from November 2021. HOSPEEM also would like to express its gratitude for the work of Bjørn Henriksen from SPEKTER in the past decade.

In 2022, HOSPEEM is looking forward to work closely with EPSU to successfully continue working on the current Work Programme. In this edition of the newsletter, you can find more on the outcomes of the 2019-2021 HOSPEEM-EPSU project on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the East, South and Central Europe. You can also read EU News, events and publications relevant for hospital employers. In our section dedicated to HOSPEEM member’s news, you are always welcome to send us your contributions for the next newsletters.

I wish you all a pleasant winter break, enjoy your reading!

Marta Branca
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


HOSPEEM Steering Committee, General Assembly and SSDC HS in November 2021

HOSPEEM held its Steering Committee and General Assembly on 29 November 2021 in a hybrid format. The HOSPEEM members discussed updates from the HOSPEEM expert groups, including health workforce vaccinations and the practical implementation of the medical sharps Directive.
The HOSPEEM-EPSU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital and Healthcare Sector took place on 30 November 2021 and focused on updating the Framework of Actions on Recruitment and Retention. HOSPEEM Members and EPSU Affiliates also approved the extension of the HOSPEEM-EPSU Work Programme until 2023.

Marta Branca elected Secretary General of HOSPEEM

"It is an honour to be re-elected Secretary General of HOSPEEM and I am very grateful for the support expressed by members across Europe and by our Italian partners, e.g. FIASO – Federazione Italiana Aziende Sanitarie e Ospedaliere.
(...) In my quality as ARAN representative, founder Member of HOSPEEM, I strongly believe in the key role of social dialogue in the health sector at national and EU level. In this period of global emergency due to the pandemic, it is essential for health employers to bring their voice up"
Marta Branca, ARAN, Italy
Marta Branca HOSPEEM SG

John Delamere nominated Vice-Secretary General of HOSPEEM

“I believe that Social Dialogue works well in the health sector. However, the employer side agenda requires to be robustly articulated at all times, and this will be a priority of mine as Vice Secretary General.I am also very anxious that HOSPEEM expands its membership base, particularly in areas of Southern and South-Eastern Europe.
Other significant issues that require focus are the recruitment and retention of health sector staff across Europe, the ageing workforce and the need for greater harmonisation of professional qualifications. I am also very supportive of the continuing rollout of CPD and LLL for all health service personnel.”
John Delamere, HSE, Ireland
John Delamere_VSG HOSPEEM Twitter

Multisectoral project on the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work project

HOSPEEM members have participated in the research survey on implementing the EU Multisectoral social partners’ guidelines to tackle and prevent third-party violence and harassment related to work (2010), which findings will be summarised in a research report to be presented in February 2022.
The webinar 3 on Risk assessment, an EU health and safety obligation on 25 October 2021 was organised by HOSPEEM, showcasing the work of the Dutch social partners from the health sector. The webinar 4 on 16 December explores the connections between digitalisation and third-party violence and harassment.
2021-12-16 Webinar TPV_Twitter

HOSPEEM Webinar on Partnerships in Digital Skills Development

The HOSPEEM Webinar on “Partnerships in Digital Skills Development” took place online on 17 November 2021, gathering around 40 participants from across Europe, including employers’ organisations from the HOSPEEM membership, EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders.
2021-11-17 Webinar Digital Skills_LinkedIn Header
The webinar focused on how the management processes and the related use of digital tools have been changing and adapting, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. It also analysed the impact of these changes on healthcare professionals and patients. All the materials are available online.

HOSPEEM-EPSU Project 2019-2021 on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe

This HOSPEEM-EPSU project on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the hospital sector aimed to provide an appropriate framework to address capacity building needs of social partners in 14 targeted countries from 2019 until 2021(Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia) by exchanging on and collecting the relevant topics and priorities. The final report was published summarising the main insights, conclusions and recommendations:
14 fact sheets of the targeted countries were also published collecting national social partners’ priorities and challenges trough survey and desk research:


The annual HOSPEEM–HOPE meeting took place online on 19 November 2021. The meeting was an occasion to exchange the main policy priorities at the EU level and discuss common challenges in the hospital sector. HOSPEEM Leadership team was composed of: Marta Branca, HOSPEEM Secretary General, John Delamere, HOSPEEM Vice-Secretary General and Sylvie Slangen, Steering Committee Member and responsible for HOSPEEM daily management.


Nick Parkison (HSE, Ireland) joined the WHO Technical Expert Group on occupational safety and health for the health workforce

Nick Parkinson, Head of National Health and Safety Function, HSE, Ireland, was nominated by HOSPEEM leadership to join the technical advisory group at the WHO. As a technical expert, he advises drafting the WHO technical guide on occupational safety and health for health workers. The final guidance will be published by the end of 2021.

SPF Award for partnership between employers and trade unions in the UK

The Social Partnership Forum (SPF) in the UK brings together partners to contribute to the development and implementation of policy that impacts the health workforce, i.e., Health Education England, NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Employers and NHS Trade Unions in England. Working in collaboration brings new opportunities, as highlighted in the “Meet the Finalist webinar” this Autumn. It allowed participants to hear from the shortlisted finalists in the SPF award for partnership between employers and trade unions in 2021. All the case studies can be found on the SPF website.

German IQ konkret magazine on the role of hospital employers in promoting fair and ethical cross-border recruitment

With the support of Adele Bunch from NHS Employers and Sarah Cliff, Department of Health and Social Care in the UK, the HOSPEEM Secretariat wrote a guest article on the role of hospital and healthcare employers in promoting fair and just principles in the international recruitment of health professionals and the prevention of brain drain. The article is available in English and German.


Update on Eurofound project on labour shortages with focus on healthcare

A total of 40 policy measures tackling labour shortages will be analysed and assessed, with a final report due in the summer of 2022.

EC new rules to ensure transparent reporting : NextGeneration EU

European Commission introduced new rules to define common indicators for the Member States to report on the overall performance of their recovery and resilience plans. This reporting will notably include policy measures related to health and employment.

Update on European Commission Sectoral Social Dialogue review process

Leading up to the publication of the Commission Communication on social dialogue and the proposal for a Council Recommendation, the Commission is planning to organise multiple dedicated social partners hearings starting from March 2022, including a technical seminar on the EPSU court case judgement.

European Commission launches work on Guidance for the safe management of Hazardous Medicinal Products at work, incl. cytotoxics

The European Commission launched the call for tender to develop guidance affecting the health sector. The guidance is due to be published by the end of 2022.

Council of the EU agrees on a mandate for negotiations on an EU framework on adequate minimum wages

When discussing promoting collective bargaining, it was agreed that countries should promote strengthening the capacity of social partners to engage in collective bargaining. If their collective bargaining coverage is below 70%, they should also establish an action plan to promote collective bargaining.

EU Blue Card Directive published in the Official Journal

Among others, the Directive notes that the Member States should refrain from pursuing active recruitment in developing countries in sectors suffering from a lack of personnel, including the health sector. Additionally, applicants need to present a work contract or a binding job offer of a minimum of six months.


09/12/2021: 3rd technical seminar on Sectoral Social Dialogue review process, organised by the European Commission

09/12/2021: 1st meeting of the Working Group “Identification of existing best practices in upskilling and training healthcare workers”, organised by the EU Stakeholder Network ‘Profiling and training the health care workers of the future.’

03/11/2021: Expert workshop on capacity-building for effective social dialogue, organised by Eurofound

26/10/2021: Webinar on Healthcare reform trends across Europe: What have been the key issues?, organised by European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

21/10/2021: 2nd technical seminar on Sectoral Social Dialogue review process, organised by the European Commission


HOSPEEM events
- 10/03/2022: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee, online
- 30/05/2022: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee, Brussels
- 16/12/2021: Third-party violence project webinar 4 on digitalisation, organised by CESI
- 11/03/2022: SSDC Hospital Sector Working group 1, online


HOSPEEM-EPSU project final report on strengthening sectoral social dialogue in the hospital sector

European Commission final report “Skills for the industry - Upskilling and Reskilling in the Post-Covid Era: Fostering New Services and Jobs Creation: Three Scenarios for 2030”

European Commission proposal for a Joint Employment report

European Commission 2022 Work Programme

European Commission opinion on Supporting the mental health of health workforce and other essential workers

Eurofound working paper on capacity building for effective social dialogue: 2021 update

International Network for Health Workforce Education - Digi4Health Project - A Digital VET Toolkit for Promoting the Digital Revolution in the European Health Sector


HOSPEEM is currently seeking for a Policy Officer

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