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Issue 1 - March 2022


Dear reader,

The HOSPEEM-EPSU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee meeting for the Hospital and Healthcare Sector took place on 11 March via videoconference reporting on the update of the Framework of Actions on Recruitment and Retention as well as planning the activities of the HOSPEEM-EPSU Work Programme in 2022 and 2023. During the meeting, the HOSPEEM members and EPSU affiliates also strongly condemned the unprovoked attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine publishing a message of solidarity with fellow employers, trade unions and workers in the hospital and healthcare sector in Ukraine.

This winter brought some changes at HOSPEEM with the farewell to Simone Mohrs, Policy Officer. HOSPEEM would like to thank her for her work and her commitment over the last 4 years. We are pleased to welcome our new HOSPEEM Policy Officer, Leonie Martin. She has previously worked at several organisations, including the Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the non-profit European youth sector. She holds a Master degree in European Studies and a Master of Laws.

In this edition, you will find also find HOSPEEM news including information on our last General Assembly as well as EU News, relevant events and publications for hospital employers.  In the context of the Conference of the Future of Europe, I encourage HOSPEEM Members to endorse the SGI Europe position on Health reforms. More information can be found in the EU news section.

Thisnewsletter has been conceived as an interactive tool to facilitate the flow of communication, therefore you are invited to send us your contributions for future issues.

Enjoy your reading!

Marta Branca
Secretary General of HOSPEEM


HOSPEEM Steering committee and General Assembly in March 2022

HOSPEEM held its Steering Committee and General Assembly online on 10 March 2022. The members discussed the upcoming HOSPEEM Steering Committee and Financial Advisory Elections in May 2022. The General Assembly members discussed the topic of taxonomy, a European system of classification to identify sustainable sectors and the social taxonomy, which also includes the healthcare sector. The Occupational Safety and Health Expert Group also shared updates on the topic of hazardous medicinal products in the context of a strong focus of the current European Commission Strategic Framework (2021-2027) on Health & Safety at Work.

EPSU and HOSPEEM discuss European Health Data Space with the European Commission

On 3 February 2022, EPSU and HOSPEEM jointly organised an online informative session on the European Health Data Space (EHDS), with the purpose of providing a space for the exchange of information between a representative of the European Commission (EC) and social partners in the healthcare sector.
Secretary General Marta Branca spoke at the event stressing the relevance of targeted informative sessions in the consultation process of Sectoral Social Partners in the broader framework of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue.
03.02.2022 EHDS seminar 950px for web

Multisectoral project on the role of social partners in preventing third-party violence and harassment at work

In 2021, HOSPEEM members participated in the research survey on implementing the EU Multisectoral social partners’ guidelines to tackle and prevent third-party violence and harassment related to work (2010), which preliminary findings were presented at the beginning of 2022. The reports and presentations for webinar 4 and webinar 5 are now available.
The webinar 4 on 16 December 2021 explored the connections between digitalisation and third-party violence and analysed the challenges and risks. The webinar 5 on 4 March 2022 focused on Protection and compensation of victims of violence or harassment.
TPV project _header

HOSPEEM joins the EC Cancer Stakeholders Contact Group

HOSPEEM joins the thematic group on ‘early diagnosis and treatment’, ‘research, innovation, digitalization’ and on ‘reducing inequalities’. Under Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Commission committed to make in 2022 a proposal to update the 2003 Council Recommendation on cancer.

HOSPEEM-EPSU reports and factsheets on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe

The final report of the HOSPEEM-EPSU project on Strengthening Social Dialogue in the hospital sector in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia is now available:
The 14 factsheets were also published collecting national social partners’ priorities and challenges:


Union of Employers’ Associations of the Czech Republic joins HOSPEEM

Union of Employers’ Associations of the Czech Republic (UZS ČR) has recently joined HOSPEEM as an observer member. UZS ČR represents 65 employer associations and employers, representing more than 15,860 companies and their 628,000 employees.
The mission of the Union is to shape and defend the common interests of its members and to promote them in cooperation with individual ministries and territorial public administration, other employers’ organisations and trade unions. In the area of public services, it represents sectors of healthcare, social care, education, culture, and non-profit organizations. The detailed description of UZS ČR in English is available here.

NHS England publishes a new national standard to prevent third party violence

NHS England published the new national violence prevention and reduction standard. The standard delivers a risk-based framework that supports a safe and secure working environment for NHS staff, safeguarding them against abuse, aggression and violence. Employers (including NHS employers) have a general duty of care to protect staff from threats and violence at work. The standard has been developed in partnership with the Social Partnership Forum and its subgroups, including trade unions and the Workforce Issues and Violence Reduction Groups.

Partnerships in Digital Skills Development: the Marche Regions’ Academy experience in Italy

As part of the FIASO network, the Marche Regions’ Academy shared their experience and perspective on healthcare professionals’ digital skills in Italy during the HOSPEEM Webinar on  “Partnerships in Digital Skills Development”.

HOSPEEM profiled in the German newsletter “Europe:KAV” in Hessen

In an edition dedicated to developments at the European level relevant to municipalities and municipal companies in Germany, the Kommunaler Arbeitgeberverband (KAV) in Hessen profiled HOSPEEM, its representatives, its role in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue. The article is available in German and highlights the participation of Ms. Branca, Ms. Slangen, Mr. Delamere and Mr. Günther in the HOSPEEM activities.


SGI Europe position on Health in the Conference of the Future of Europe (CoFoE) opened for endorsement

In January 2022 at the plenary session of the Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary, SGI Europe General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti put a specific focus on the recommendations for healthcare, recalling that the pandemic only highlighted pre-existing vulnerabilities, such as the lack of investment in healthcare infrastructures and staff. Following up on both the EC communication on a Health Union (COM (2020)724) and the Citizen’s Panel’s recommendation on health, SGI Europe has published its opinion on Health on the online platform, available for endorsements signing up with an EU ECAS account.

Update on European Commission Sectoral Social Dialogue review

As stated in the European Social Pillar Action Plan  and in the Commission’s Work Programme 2022, the social dialogue initiative will be presented by the European Commission (EC) in the upcoming months. In the first half of 2022 the EC is holding a number of meetings for recognised EU social partners, including consultation meetings on 29 March, 31 March, 28 April and 31 May 2022. The EC social dialogue initiative will consist of a Social Dialogue Communication and a proposal for a Council Recommendation.

Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive has been revised

Hazardous medicinal products (HMP) have been added to the Directive, including the recitals. The directive lists periodic trainings for all workers in healthcare settings exposed to carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances, in particular where new HMP are used. The European Commission seeks to develop a definition and establish an indicative list of HMP until April 2025. Furthermore, the Commission shall prepare Union guidelines for preparation, administration and disposal of HMP at place of work no later than 31 December 2022.

European Parliament: new committee dedicated to Covid-19

The European Parliament voted to launch a special committee on “COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future” during its plenary meeting on 9 March 2022. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, the committee aims to cover the health impact of the pandemic, the impact on healthcare provision and the rise of digital health, during its 12-month-mandate. Results will be presented in a report to plenary.


30/03/2022: HOSPEEM spoke at the DISH Conference 'Bridging the digital gap: how the healthcare workforce can obtain innovative and digital skills'.

23/02/2022: HOSPEEM Secretary General, Marta Branca, spoke in the panel on Social Taxonomy at the SGI Europe 8th awarding ceremony of its CSR Label.

15/02/2022: HOSPEEM spoke at the dedicated European Commission Liaison Forum on Skills presenting past achievements and next steps.


HOSPEEM events
- 30/05/2022: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee, Brussels
- 14/11/2022: HOSPEEM General Assembly/ Steering Committee, Brussels
- 31/05/2022: SSDC Hospital Sector Working group 2, Brussels
- 15/11/2022: SSDC Hospital Sector Plenary session, Brussels
- TBC 2022:TPV Project webinars and conference
Other events
- 04/05/2022: Launch event of the EU-OSHA ESENER study on the health sector: "OSH management in the Human health and social work – what are European workplaces telling us?


HOSPEEM-EPSU project final report on strengthening sectoral social dialogue in the hospital sector

NHS health and wellbeing framework toolkit

EU-OSHA study on Human health and social work activities – evidence from the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER)

Eurofound report on Industrial relations landscape in Europe

European Parliament study on the revaluation of the working conditions and wages of essential workers

European Commission 2021 edition of the State of Health in the EU’s Companion Report

European Commission-OECD 29 country health profiles 2021

Eurofound report on ‘COVID-19 and older people: Impact on their lives, support and care’

WHO guide for the development and implementation of occupational health and safety programmes for health workers

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