Danish Regions

Danish Regions is the Danish member of HOSPEEM. Its overall mission is to safeguard the interests of the five Danish regions, at
national and international level, assisting them with services and relevant information.

The most important tasks of the organisation are: to safeguard regional government interests within health care, hospitals, special education, regional development, environment and finances; to act as spokesman on behalf of the regions vis-à-vis national government, the EU, other interest organisations and the media; to negotiate the annual financial frames of the regions with national government; to negotiate pay and working conditions for regional employees as the regions’ central employers and bargaining organisation. At a broader international level Danish Regions works to promote and spread information on regional democracy and self-government.

Danish Regions is run by a board of elected regional politicians from the five regions. The board is appointed for a four-year period, and reflects the political affinities of the 205 members of the five regional councils, the governing bodies of the regions. At the administrative level Danish Regions has a staff of 170 persons.

Danish Regions keeps close contact with sister organisations in other European countries, and cooperate on common issues in order to strengthen the impact of regional and local statements and ideas.