The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
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The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

SALAR - the Swedish member of HOSPEEM is both an employers' organisation and an organisation that represents and advocates for local government in Sweden. All of Sweden's municipalities, county councils and regions, active in areas such as social issues, hospital and health care, education, elderly care and growth and regional development policies, are members of SALAR and jointly they employ together more than one million people. This makes SALAR the largest employer organisation in Sweden.

SALAR negotiate central collective agreements, make members stronger in their role as employers and create conditions for local solutions, represent and advocate for local government by raising issues, acting decisively and enlightening public opinion.
SALAR is a politically run organization. Local democracy is the foundation of all SALAR’s work with the ambition to develop self-government to give members greater freedom of action. SALAR strives to influence policy initiatives at an early stage. Many decisions taken by the European Union affect local and regional government in Sweden. This is why SALAR aim to play an active part in European politics.
SALAR's mission - a matter of democracy!