Overview of study visits

Fostering cooperation and sharing good practices within its membership are at the core of HOSPEEM. Over the years the HOSPEEM Secretariat had the opportunity to visit its members across Europe and to host national delegations from member organisations at its Brussels office. HOSPEEM is increasingly being recognised as an important source of expertise on healthcare and workforce related issues in the European arena. 

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Our hosts

When visiting its members across Europe, the HOSPEEM Secretariat usually meets high level representatives from the member organisations to exchange information on their national priorities and challenges as well as to discuss EU main topics and initiatives in the healthcare and hospital sector having an impact on national level.  These visits are also fundamental to better know the system of collective bargaining in the visited country. HOSPEEM often visits a local hospital to allow an insight view of its management and functioning.

Across Europe: 

Our visitors

The national delegations from our Member organisations visiting HOSPEEM are provided with an insight overview of the current EU policies in the hospital and healthcare sector and of HOSPEEM positioning and role at the EU level as recognised sectoral social partner. The HOSPEEM Secretariat also facilitates meetings with representatives from European Institutions and relevant stakeholders in the sector, on the chosen topic of interest. The themes of the study visits are in fact tailored to HOSPEEM member’s needs.


What our visitors said:

“ (…) to meet with representatives from the European Commission having the opportunity to discuss Denmark in the European Semester, the European Social Dialogue as well as the latest legislative developments on occupational safety and labour law was very much appreciated and shed light on crucial issues”

Danish Regions Committee visiting the HOSPEEM Secretariat, 2019

" (..) discuss topics of national interest in the European setting had an inspiring and deepening effect on our perspective and our work in the Dutch context (…) HOSPEEM is successfully empowering on-the-ground hospital employers and managers." 

NVZ Healthcare Dutch Managers visiting the HOSPEEM Secretariat, 2018