PRESS RELEASE: Tjitte Alkema re-elected Secretary General of HOSPEEM


Tjitte Alkema was re-elected Secretary General of HOSPEEM for a three-year mandate period, starting as of 1 January 2016.

Mr. Alkema has been involved in HOSPEEM’s activities since 2008 as a member of the General Assembly on behalf of NVZ Dutch Association of Hospitals. In 2010 he was elected for the Vice Secretary General position.  Since January 2013 he has fulfilled the role of Secretary General.

At European level he is mainly responsible for leading the negotiations with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) in the framework of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector and for representing HOSPEEM at high level meetings and towards the European institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

At national level Mr. Alkema works as Manager of the Department of Industrial Relations & Education at NVZ Dutch Association of Hospitals, Chairman of the Foundation of Hospital labour market activities (StAZ), and Chairman of the consultative body on collective bargaining in the Dutch Hospital sector on behalf of NVZ Dutch Association of Hospitals (ROZ).

He previously worked at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as Head of the Education Department of the Erasmus School of Economics.

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HOSPEEM Study Visit to Finland in November 2015

Following the social partners’ conference on approaches to the issue of psychosocial risks and stress at work organised in Helsinki on 10 November 2015, HOSPEEM visited its Finnish member’s organisation, the Commission for Local Authority Employers – CLAE (or Local Government Employers – KT Kuntatyönantajat), on 11 November.

A first meeting at CLAE provided the opportunity to discuss about their functioning and the activities they carry out and to exchange on their current priorities and the most prominent challenges in Finland, especially with regard to the healthcare system and occupational safety and health issues.

The afternoon was dedicated to a visit to the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), a non-profit joint authority owned by 24 municipalities and employing over 22,000 professionals. HOSPEEM had the opportunity to meet with the Human Resources Director of the Hospital District. It was very interesting to hear about the way HUS deals with occupational safety and health issues, in particular with work-related psycho-social risks and stress, and about human resources development and patient safety issues. These presentations where followed by a visit to the unit specialised in liver surgery.

HOSPEEM would like to thank Henrika Nybondas-Kangas, Johanna Karlström, Taija Hämäläinen and Eeva Nypelö, as well as the staff of the Helsinki University Hospital, for the warm welcome and the fruitful exchange.