Adoption of the implementation report of the multi-sectoral guidelines to tackle work-related third-party violence

At the the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector Plenary Meeting of 11 December 2013, HOSPEEM and EPSU members adopted the report on the use and implementation of the Multi-sectoral guidelines to tackle third-party violence and harassment related to work including recommendations. 

The joint evaluation and implementation report contains examples on how the multi-sectoral guidelines have been promoted and implemented by the member organisations of the signatory parties in the framework of projects and campaigns.

The report also contains recommendations for further steps and summarise the main challenges, whereof the main highlights are the following:

• A social partner agreement on preventing third-party violence could be a further step to a more stringent implementation of the guidelines if there is consensus between the social partners to start any negotiations.
• Further projects, conferences, and training for the social partners’ affiliates at local, regional and national level should be considered to implement the guidelines, with financial support of the European Commission.
• National projects could receive financial support from the European Social Fund.
• The implementation of the multi-sectoral guidelines should become an integral part of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Work programmes of the respective social dialogue committees who signed the guidelines. A follow-up report should be conducted by 2015 to evaluate progress on the implementation of the guidelines and identify the potential need for further action.

Download the report