Press conference

Launch of European Social Partners Committee for the Hospital sector in the European Union

The European Hospital and Healthcare Employers’ Association (HOSPEEM) and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) will jointly announce the creation of a European Sectoral social dialogue committee for the hospital sector.

Press Conference 17 March 2006


For information please contact:

EPSU: Tamara Goosens or Brian Synnott, + 32 2 2501080, email:
HOSPEEM: Valeria Ronzitti + 32 2 2292157, email:

EPSU is the European Federation of Public Service Unions. It is the largest federation of the ETUC. 8 million public service workers and their 213 trade unions are members. They organise workers in health and social services, local and national administration, energy, water, waste. In the health and social services sector EPSU organises 3.5 million members

HOSPEEM is the European Hospital and Healthcare Employers Association. It regroups at European level national employers’ associations operating in the hospital and health care sector and delivering services of general interest, in order to co-ordinate their views and actions with regard to a sector and a market in constant evolution. HOSPEEM is an individual member of CEEP.