Social Partners' work programme 2006-2007

Work Programme 2006-2007

1. Introduction

The Committee’s work programme is multi-annual (initially for two years) and sets out the strategy and goals we want to achieve and the themes to jointly react on.

The programme deals with a limited number of topics / issues in order to ensure qualitative results.

2. Objectives

HOSPEEM and EPSU shall aim to strengthen the possibilities of the social partners to shape the future developments regarding employment in the hospital sector and to articulate European, national, regional and local levels of social dialogue. The Social Partners shall in particular:

  • Promote quality hospital services based on values of social responsibility and accountability.
  • Actively contributing to the shaping of the debate at European level on the delivery and organisation of hospital services.
  • Organise activities to strengthen social dialogue between employer and trade unions organisations in the hospital sector in the new Member States;
  • Complement the work of the cross-sectoral social partners where appropriate;
  • Address initiatives by the European Commission in the field of employment policy and other policies having an impact on the hospital sector.
  • Participation in the Commission’s policy-making and activities on the European sectoral social dialogue, including the Liaison Forum for the Adaptation and Promotion of Social Dialogue.

3. Themes

Suggested themes are:

  • Statement supporting the establishment of working groups in the agreed subject areas of; Recruitment and retention
  • One working group.
  • Identifying common positions for cross-border recruitment of hospital personnel

The ageing workforce in the hospital sector

  • One working group;
  • Identifying member state and regional initiatives to promote realistic active ageing policies.

New skill needs in the hospital sector

  • One working group;
  • Defining existing categories of hospital professionals and workers. Identifying successful training initiatives and weak-points.
  • Organisation of a seminar and workshops on industrial relations to support the development of social dialogue in the hospital sector in the new Member States;

4. Implementation

Following agreement on these broad lines of the work programme, a more precise programme will be drawn up with the European Commission to fix the timetable and detailed arrangements for implementation of the work programme.