Social Partners’ work programme 2008-2010

Work Programme 2008-2010

EPSU and HOSPEEM agreed in the Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector on 7 December 2007 to continue their work and their joint partnership approach as developed during the period of their first work programme in 2006-2007. This work will serve as basis for further activities in the Hospital Sector Social Dialogue as presented in this work programme. The work programme will cover a period starting from the date of signature until 31 December 2010. This timing gives the Social Dialogue Committee better opportunities for planning, complete and follow up on the priorities for the period. Halfway in the period the Committee will take stock on the work in order to make eventual changes in the planned activities and priorities where appropriate.

The main priority for HOSPEEM and EPSU in the coming years is to strengthen the social dialogue in the hospital sector at European, national and local level and take up our responsibilities as the recognized social partner European organizations for employers and workers in the hospital sector.