HOSPEEM Study Visit to France in March 2015

Following the conference organised in Paris on 25 March 2015 on approaches to the issue of musculoskeletal disorders,
HOSPEEM visited its French member’s organisation, the Federation of private not for profit healthcare institutions and care services – FEHAP on 26 March.

A first meeting at FEHAP provided an opportunity to exchange on their current priorities and challenges and discuss some EU topics and initiatives. HOSPEEM also had the chance to meet with Pascale Flamant, the General Delegate of UNICANCER, the French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

The afternoon was dedicated to a visit of the hospital Saint Joseph, a private not for profit hospital member of FEHAP, with almost 2200 employees and a reception capacity of more than 600 beds and dealing with 25 medical and surgical specialties.

HOSPEEM had the opportunity to meet with the Director General and the Human Resources Manager of the hospital.

It was particularly interesting to hear about their quality approach and risk management policy and their innovative human resources policy, especially the experience of training of the management team.

HOSPEEM would like to thank Coralie Cuif, Sylvie Amzaleg, Pascale Flamant, Olga Ville and Laetitia Tibourtine, as well as the hospital Saint Joseph, for the warm welcome and the fruitful exchange.