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HOSPEEM Study visit to Bulgaria in September 2017

HOSPEEM visited its Bulgarian member organisation NUPH – National Union of Private Hospitals on September 27, 2017 in Sofia. HOSPEEM had the opportunity to visit two hospitals, members of NUPH, the Academy City Clinic Tokuda, the biggest private hospital in Sofia and Polimed, a small hospital located in the capital. Meetings were arranged with Ms. Boryana Marinkova, PR and marketing officer of Tokuda and with Tsvetan Dimanov, Executive Manager of Polimed.

The visit provided the opportunity to discuss about hospitals’ management and human resources, their functioning and activities and to get an insight into the system of bargaining in Bulgaria. The meeting also provided the opportunity to exchange about the impact of budgetary shortages for the private hospitals and the ongoing problem of fair recruitment and self-sufficiency in their training of health professionals. HOSPEEM would like to express its sincere thanks to Krasimir Grudev, NUPH Board of Directors, the representatives and the staff of the hospitals for the warm welcome and the enriching and fruitful exchange.

HOSPEEM Study visit to Denmark in March 2017

HOSPEEM visited its Danish member organisation Danish Regions on 22 March in Copenhagen.

A meeting at Danish Regions provided the opportunity to discuss about their activities and current priorities and to exchange on the Danish healthcare system and on the most prominent challenges in the hospital and healthcare sector in Denmark.

We in particular exchanged about the Danish value-based healthcare initiative and the “Sundheds platform”, a new digital healthplatform gathering all information about each patient in a single electronic set of medical records, being implemented in Danish hospitals.

During this study visit, HOSPEEM also had the opportunity to exchange about assessment of skill needs and cross-sectoral competence development. Working hour arrangements and how they affect workers’ health were also discussed.

HOSPEEM would like to express its sincere thanks to Malene Vestergaard Sørensen, Eva Weinreich-Jensen and Morten Slabiak for the warm welcome and the enriching and fruitful exchange. We would also like to thank warmly Signe Friberg Nielsen, Pernille Moll, Jette Steenberg Holtzmann and Anne Helene Garde for their very enlightening contributions.

HOSPEEM new brochure

In the years to come HOSPEEM is looking forward to represent the interests of hospital and healthcare employers across Europe and to further build the future of hospital care. As an independant, membership-based organisation and as recognised social partner, HOSPEEM has a distinct voice influencing EU-policy making.

At the occasion of its 10th anniversary in 2016 HOSPEEM published the first HOSPEEM brochure. In this brochure you will find information on the mission, the history, the members, the core focus areas and ten years of achievements of the organisation.

PDF - 304.4 koDownload the new brochure

HOSPEEM Study Visit to Italy in April 2016

HOSPEEM visited its Italian member organisation ARAN – Agenzia per la Rappresentanza Negoziale delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni – on 14 April in Rome.

A meeting at ARAN provided the opportunity to discuss about their functioning and activities and to get an insight into the system of public bargaining in Italy. This meeting also provided the opportunity to exchange about the impact of the economic crisis on the public administration and the most prominent challenges in Italy, such as the reform of the public administration, the reduction in public spending and the improvement of the efficiency of the public administration.

The afternoon was dedicated to a visit to the Agostino Gemelli Teaching Hospital, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Italy, with more than 1,500 beds and over 5,000 health professionals (of which 1,700 nurses), connected to the medical school of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. On this occasion, HOSPEEM had the opportunity to visit the neonatal intensive care unit and the new clinical laboratory, using an automated system working 24 hours a day and receiving the tubes from all the departments of the hospital. It was also very interesting to hear about the model developed by the Gemelli Hospital to ensure continuity of care for fragile patients.

HOSPEEM would like to express its sincere thanks to Sergio Gasparrini, Marta Branca, Elvira Gentile, Gianfranco Rucco and Pierluigi Mastrogiuseppe, as well as to Maurizio Zega and the staff of the Agostino Gemelli Teaching Hospital for the warm welcome and the enriching and fruitful exchange.



Commission of Local Authority Employers – CLAE

The Commission for Local Authority Employers – CLAE (or Local Government Employers – LGE / KT Kuntatyönantajat) is the Finnish member of HOSPEEM. CLAE has been functioning since 1970, representing all Finnish local and joint municipal authorities.  Finland has 317 municipalities and 125 joint municipal authorities. These local authorities employ about 429 000 employees, a fifth of Finland’s employed labour force. More than 80% of all local government personnel work in the health care, social services and educational sectors.

CLAE (or LGE) is an interest organisation for local government employers representing all Finnish local and joint authorities. It negotiates and concludes collective agreements in the local government sector. CLAE has a key role in improving performance and the quality of working life. Municipal public health work is the foundation of the Finnish health system. Hospitals run by joint municipal authorities provide 95 per cent of all specialist medical care and the remaining 5 per cent is provided by the private sector. Read more.

HOSPEEM Study Visit to France in March 2015

Following the conference organised in Paris on 25 March 2015 on approaches to the issue of musculoskeletal disorders,
HOSPEEM visited its French member’s organisation, the Federation of private not for profit healthcare institutions and care services – FEHAP on 26 March.

A first meeting at FEHAP provided an opportunity to exchange on their current priorities and challenges and discuss some EU topics and initiatives. HOSPEEM also had the chance to meet with Pascale Flamant, the General Delegate of UNICANCER, the French Federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

The afternoon was dedicated to a visit of the hospital Saint Joseph, a private not for profit hospital member of FEHAP, with almost 2200 employees and a reception capacity of more than 600 beds and dealing with 25 medical and surgical specialties.

HOSPEEM had the opportunity to meet with the Director General and the Human Resources Manager of the hospital.

It was particularly interesting to hear about their quality approach and risk management policy and their innovative human resources policy, especially the experience of training of the management team.

HOSPEEM would like to thank Coralie Cuif, Sylvie Amzaleg, Pascale Flamant, Olga Ville and Laetitia Tibourtine, as well as the hospital Saint Joseph, for the warm welcome and the fruitful exchange.

HOSPEEM Study Visit to Ireland in April 2014

Following the study visit to members’ organizations in the Baltic States, on 17 April 2014 HOSPEEM visited its Irish member, the Irish Health Service – HSE.

During a meeting at the Irish Department of Health, the ongoing reform of the Irish health system was discussed. A deep reform of the system which is based on the 4 key interdependent pillars of health and wellbeing, service reform, structural reform and financial reform and that will change many aspects of the health service leading Ireland to a single-tier health service, supported by Universal Health Insurance (UHI) foreseen to be adopted in 2016.

At the HSE Corporate Employee Relations Services, Mr John Delamere, head of the Corporate Employee Relations (CERS) and representative of HSE within HOSPEEM, and the managers of CERS discussed with HOSPEEM their respective priorities. The focus was put in particular on the areas of common interest in the industrial relations and occupational health and safety fields, where CERS and HOSPEEM are closely working together and will further strengthen their cooperation.

The day was concluded by a visit to the Beaumont Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Ireland with 3,500 employees, 800 beds, with specialisation in neurosurgery, renal medicine and cancer care. HOSPEEM had the opportunity to meet the managing board of the hospital and to appreciate how, even when financial resources are limited innovative management measures and good cooperation with staff can help to maintain high standards of service delivered to patients.

HOSPEEM thanks John Delamere, Norah Mason and HSE CERS, as well as the Beaumont Hospital for the warm welcome and the fruitful exchange.

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HOSPEEM Study Visit to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in March 2014

In line with the priority of strengthening the cooperation within HOSPEEM membership, it is a pleasure to inform you that at the beginning of the spring a HOSPEEM study visit to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia gave a unique opportunity to visit members’ organizations and their associated organizations there. This was an occasion to meet with hospital managers, trade unions and government representatives, to hear about their priorities and challenges as well as having a fruitful exchange on EU topics.

Very impressive was to observe the level of innovation and research applied in the healthcare structures of the three countries, although at a different speeds resulting from available budgets. At the same time it was also particularly striking to hear how in an integrated Europe major threats to healthcare systems still exist. Referring here to Latvia, where political instability and major budget cuts due to the economic crisis since 2009 have very negative effects on hospitals, health workers and patients, endangering even basic access to healthcare services.

On top of this a major problem common to Baltic systems remains the brain-drain of high qualified and skilled health professionals which poses a serious challenge to the training performance and the sustainability of health systems. Ethical international workforce recruitment and retention is one of the issues identified as HOSPEEM’s priority since its foundation and this is one of the areas where our organisation can have a major positive impact. What we are doing in this field is of a primary importance for the sustainability of our health systems and we will be able to achieve only by keeping on working together

HOSPEEM thanks Jevgenjis Kaleis, Sigitas Griskonsis, Urmas Sule as well as their board and staff members for the warm welcome and the fruitful exchange which HOSPEEM will treasure for keeping on promoting and representing members’ interests at European level.



Structure of HOSPEEM:

The General Assembly is the principal deciding body of HOSPEEM.

The Steering Committee is composed by maximum 7 seats: the Secretary General, the two Vice- Secretary Generals and maximum 4 members of the General Assembly. The Steering Committee has full authority, subject to the powers that are the exclusive competence of the General Assembly.

The Financial Advisory Committee is composed of members of the Association elected by the General Assembly with simple majority of votes. The Financial Advisory Committee advises the Steering Committee of the Association on financial issues and carries out internal auditing tasks.

The HOSPEEM Board is composed of the Secretary General and two Vice-Secretary Generals. The Board is responsible for dealing with HOSPEEM regular business and for providing support to the activities of the Steering Committee.

The Secretariat undertakes all HOSPEEM activities.

Working Group(s) deals with specific topics and enters in negotiations of the hospital sector social dialogue.