A toolkit for Gender Equality in practice in the workplace across Europe

Equality between women and men is a fundamental principle on which the European Union has been built. Despite the progress made over the last decades, women’s employment rate is still below 60% in most EU countries, compared with almost 75% for men in 2012.

This toolkit is a one-stop online facility promoting a selection of a wide range of practices initiated at workplace level or by national social partners. The toolkit is linked to the four interconnected priorities of the Framework of Actions on gender equality signed by the EU cross-sectoral social partners in 2005:

  • Addressing gender roles
  • Promoting women in decision-making
  • Supporting work-life balance
  • Tackling the gender pay gap.

The toolkit catalogues a multitude of best practice initiatives, with a balanced perspective, in 25 different European countries, from all kinds of sectors, from large to micro enterprises, from all the different national social partners based on unilateral, bipartite and tripartite actions. Most of these have received local or national recognition for fostering gender equality. This online database was launched by BUSINESS EUROPE, CEEP, UEAPME and ETUC at a major conference in Madrid in May 2014.

Elvira Gentile, HOSPEEM Vice-Secretary General, ARAN, Italy:“The toolkit has a very concrete approach, because it collects 100 best practices from 25 European countries linked to the four above priorities and all stakeholders can consult the initiatives online, selecting those relevant to overcome their specific problems.”

Consult the toolkit here