OSH Project : Social partners’ conference on approaches to the issue of musculoskeletal disorders

This first conference took place on 25th March 2015 in Paris (co-organised by FEHAP and supported by HOSPEEM) with around 90 participants from 16 EU Member States. The aim of the conference was to provide social partner organisations with a common understanding of the phenomenon of musculoskeletal disorders in the hospital sector and a clear picture of the concrete preventive measures they could take. PDF - 304.4 koDraft Agenda – Conference Paris 25 March 2015 – EN

Read the report of the Paris conference, drafted by Nico Knibbe (LOCOmotion):

PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-EN
PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-FR
PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-DE


The size: Musculoskeletal disorders: what is going on? Facts, figures and data about the nature and size of the problem.
PDF - 304.4 koSize and nature of the phenomenon of musculoskeletal disorders – Jean-Michel MILLER, Eurofound –  EN

The solutions: How do we solve the issue?
PDF - 304.4 koMusculoskeletal disorders in the nursing profession: how do we solve the problem? What are the cornerstones? – Nico KNIBBE, LOCOmotion Research NL – EN

Cornerstone 1: Regulations and guidelines. What is the existing regulatory framework at EU and national level? Is the legislation well implemented in the different Member States?
PDF - 304.4 koErgonomics at the Workplace – An EU Baseline Scenario – Antonio CAMMAROTA, DG EMPL, European Commission – EN
Swedish regulatory framework and implementation – Minke WERSÄLL, Swedish Work Environment Authority – EN

Cornerstone 2: Social partners. How can social partners contribute?
Video presentation of experience from Hospitals of the Mont-Blanc region (France) – Introductory remarks from Maryvonne NICOLLE, FSS-CFDT and Agnès NINNI, CFDT des Hôpitaux du Mont Blanc – FR,  EN
PDF - 304.4 koHealth, Safety and Wellbeing Partnership Group “Back-pack” – Kim SUNLEY, Royal College of Nursing & James TRACEY, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – EN
PDF - 304.4 koGood Work Environment and Good Performance Go Hand in Hand – Ing-Marie LARSSON & Solveig TORENSJÖ, Karlskoga hospital (Sweden) – EN

Cornerstone 3: (Re)building ergonomic hospitals. What should ergonomic hospitals look like? 
PDF - 304.4 koCost-Effectiveness of Ergonomic Hospital Design: Methods and strategies to reduce operational costs of hospitals by introducing ergonomic concepts to enable better work conditions and higher work efficiency – Tom GUTHKNECHT, Lausanne Health & Hospitality group – EN
PDF - 304.4 koBuilding ergonomic hospitals. What should ergonomic hospitals look like? – Leena TAMMINEN-PETER, Ergosolutions BC Oy Ab – EN
PDF - 304.4 koAssessment of work-related risks: a necessary ergonomic conception – Jean-Pierre ZANA, French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) – EN

Cornerstone 4: Training. How do we train health workers to work safer? 
PDF - 304.4 koPreventing musculoskeletal disorders and training: FAQs – Diana ROBLA, Galician Health Service – EN
PDF - 304.4 koPreventing musculoskeletal disorders: from training to internal preventers: the example of the Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné – Hélène ANTONINI-CASTERA, Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné – FR

Closing remarks
PDF - 304.4 koClosing remarks: Maryvonne NICOLLE, CFDT Fédération Santé et Services Sociaux – FR, EN 
PDF - 304.4 koClosing remarks: Marta BRANCA, ARAN – EN

Abstract and biography:
PDF - 304.4 koAbstracts of presentations – EN
PDF - 304.4 koSpeaker’s biography – EN

HOSPEEM Newsletter – Conference highlights:
PDF - 304.4 koHOSPEEM Newsletter May 2015 – Special Issue

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This project has received funding from the European Commission