Patients as teachers: FEHAP initiative on the involvement of patients in the education of professionals

Alice Casagrande (FR), HOSPEEM Expert on CPD and LLL, spoke at the European Patients’ Forum Congress in Brussels on 13 November 2019 during the plenary session “Patients as teachers – a deep dive into professional education” as the FEHAP representative.  Alice Casagrande is  the Director of the LLL, innovation and voluntary work at the Fédération des Etablissements Hospitaliers et d’Aide à la Personne, Privés Non Lucratifs-FEHAP, the HOSPEEM member in France.

Ms Casagrande talked about the involvement of her organisation (an employer’s federation representing non-profit organisations) in a project called ‘Partners in Knowledge’. This promotes a commitment to involve patients and social service users in professional education. Inspired by the Vancouver statement on professional education (2015)  and the interprofessional health mentor programme of the University of British Columbia in Canada, Ms Casagrande underlined that we should not just be looking at medical students; other healthcare professionals – e.g. nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, dentists…- are also part of the overall health provision picture. This is based on the notion of interprofessional education, which entails that students should learn around or with the help of a patient, a disabled person or a carer. Involving the broader spectrum of healthcare providers will improve communication with one another in relation to person-centered care.

The project has been ongoing since 2015, with a small group of committed representatives from relevant stakeholders. Information on experimental programmes in health care and social services involving patients and social services users were collected. The Swedish ‘gap-mending model‘, where training involves those people in the services that are intended for them was one of these; this programme has found that such learning substantially reduces the distance between health and social care providers and the people concerned.

The work has led to the formulation of the ‘Partners in Knowledge’ statement, addressing the involvement of patients and social services users in continuous education, which has already been signed by the French health minister as well as by major students’ unions.

Watch the EPF congress video of the intervention (EN)

Visit the FEHAP “Partners in Knowledge” webpage (FR: “Associons nos Savoirs”) and its resources section (FR) for more information

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SALAR’ study visit in Brussels in November 2019

On 11 November 2019, a group of Swedish colleagues from SALAR visited the SALAR’s Brussels office. Participants of the study visit all work with different matters within the health care sector. SALAR is now working with the regions to describe good learning environments and models of training for the employees and the students at the workplace.

The HOSPEEM staff gave an overview of its latest activities and achievements, highlighting the themes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Lifelong Learning, for example the HOSPEEM-EPSU Joint Declaration on Continuing Professional Development adopted in 2016. The group also met with Members of the European Parliament.



Graphic Recording – Regional Workshop 2: Southern Europe – Rome, 15 November 2019

GRAPHICS GALLERY “Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Hospital Sector in the East, South and Central Europe

Graphics credits: Chris Malapitan - HOSPEEM & EPSU, 2019

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Media Release: HOSPEEM-EPSU 2nd Regional Workshop in Southern Europe, 15 November 2019, Rome, Italy

On 15 November 2019 HOSPEEM, EPSU and one of the national project partners, ARAN (HOSPEEM Member, Italy), organised the Second Regional Workshop in Rome, Italy.

The meeting was the occasion to discuss the capacity building needs of sectoral social partners in the hospital sector in six Southern Europe targeted countries: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain, as well the level of involvement of the sectoral social dialogue partners in the health/hospital sector in those six countries in the European Semester.

The workshop allowed for an in-depth discussion on the current functioning of the social dialogue structures and institutions at the national, regional and local level and helped in identifying common challenges faced by social partners in their participation in and use of EU level social dialogue as well as in the European Semester process in the six countries respectively. A case study on Sweden was presented as a good practice example by Sandra Bergendorff (SALAR, HOSPEEM affiliate) and Göran Zettergren (TCO, Trade Union).

The project partners were delighted to welcome Ms Kristine Krivmane, European Commission who gave a comprehensive overview of the EU level social dialogue which was complemented by a presentation of activities of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector by HOSPEEM. An insight into the European Semester process was also provided by HOSPEEM.

The event gathered around 60 participants, from 18 EU Member States. Contributions from employers and trade unions’ representatives from the six targeted countries, EPSU and HOSPEEM members as well as from academia allowed for a fruitful discussion on the current social partners’ challenges in the sector.

HOSPEEM and EPSU would like to thank ARAN, FIASO and the INMI Spallanzani for organising and hosting the workshop.

The workshop’s materials will be available on HOSPEEM and EPSU websites. You find more information on the project provided by HOSPEEM and EPSU as well as the Hashtag #EUSocDia on Social Media.

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This project has received financial support from the European Union