OSH Project : Social partners’ conference on approaches to the issue of musculoskeletal disorders

This first conference took place on 25th March 2015 in Paris (co-organised by FEHAP and supported by HOSPEEM) with around 90 participants from 16 EU Member States. The aim of the conference was to provide social partner organisations with a common understanding of the phenomenon of musculoskeletal disorders in the hospital sector and a clear picture of the concrete preventive measures they could take. PDF - 304.4 koDraft Agenda – Conference Paris 25 March 2015 – EN

Read the report of the Paris conference, drafted by Nico Knibbe (LOCOmotion):

PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-EN
PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-FR
PDF - 304.4 ko Report of the MSD Conference-DE


The size: Musculoskeletal disorders: what is going on? Facts, figures and data about the nature and size of the problem.
PDF - 304.4 koSize and nature of the phenomenon of musculoskeletal disorders – Jean-Michel MILLER, Eurofound –  EN

The solutions: How do we solve the issue?
PDF - 304.4 koMusculoskeletal disorders in the nursing profession: how do we solve the problem? What are the cornerstones? – Nico KNIBBE, LOCOmotion Research NL – EN

Cornerstone 1: Regulations and guidelines. What is the existing regulatory framework at EU and national level? Is the legislation well implemented in the different Member States?
PDF - 304.4 koErgonomics at the Workplace – An EU Baseline Scenario – Antonio CAMMAROTA, DG EMPL, European Commission – EN
Swedish regulatory framework and implementation – Minke WERSÄLL, Swedish Work Environment Authority – EN

Cornerstone 2: Social partners. How can social partners contribute?
Video presentation of experience from Hospitals of the Mont-Blanc region (France) – Introductory remarks from Maryvonne NICOLLE, FSS-CFDT and Agnès NINNI, CFDT des Hôpitaux du Mont Blanc – FR,  EN
PDF - 304.4 koHealth, Safety and Wellbeing Partnership Group “Back-pack” – Kim SUNLEY, Royal College of Nursing & James TRACEY, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – EN
PDF - 304.4 koGood Work Environment and Good Performance Go Hand in Hand – Ing-Marie LARSSON & Solveig TORENSJÖ, Karlskoga hospital (Sweden) – EN

Cornerstone 3: (Re)building ergonomic hospitals. What should ergonomic hospitals look like? 
PDF - 304.4 koCost-Effectiveness of Ergonomic Hospital Design: Methods and strategies to reduce operational costs of hospitals by introducing ergonomic concepts to enable better work conditions and higher work efficiency – Tom GUTHKNECHT, Lausanne Health & Hospitality group – EN
PDF - 304.4 koBuilding ergonomic hospitals. What should ergonomic hospitals look like? – Leena TAMMINEN-PETER, Ergosolutions BC Oy Ab – EN
PDF - 304.4 koAssessment of work-related risks: a necessary ergonomic conception – Jean-Pierre ZANA, French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) – EN

Cornerstone 4: Training. How do we train health workers to work safer? 
PDF - 304.4 koPreventing musculoskeletal disorders and training: FAQs – Diana ROBLA, Galician Health Service – EN
PDF - 304.4 koPreventing musculoskeletal disorders: from training to internal preventers: the example of the Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné – Hélène ANTONINI-CASTERA, Institut Robert Merle d’Aubigné – FR

Closing remarks
PDF - 304.4 koClosing remarks: Maryvonne NICOLLE, CFDT Fédération Santé et Services Sociaux – FR, EN 
PDF - 304.4 koClosing remarks: Marta BRANCA, ARAN – EN

Abstract and biography:
PDF - 304.4 koAbstracts of presentations – EN
PDF - 304.4 koSpeaker’s biography – EN

HOSPEEM Newsletter – Conference highlights:
PDF - 304.4 koHOSPEEM Newsletter May 2015 – Special Issue

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This project has received funding from the European Commission

High participation at the High-level conference “A new start for social dialogue”

On 5 March 2015, the European Commission organised in Brussels the high-level conference A New Start for Social Dialogue, intended to give a new impetus to social dialogue at EU level, 30 years after Val Duchesse.

This first key event of the new European Commission gathered leaders of European and national social partners’ organisations (both cross-industry and sectoral) to discuss with the European Commission concrete ways to strengthen social dialogue and to ensure a more substantial involvement of social partners in EU policy-making. The European Commission was represented by President Jean-Claude Juncker, Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue Valdis Dombrovskis and several Commissioners, among which Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs.

The HOSPEEM Secretary General Tjitte Alkema was invited to participate in a workshop on social dialogue and better regulation and to deliver a presentation to present his views on this topic.

At this occasion, the Public Services Employers’ Forum, an informal forum of European employers’ organisations cooperating on matters of joint interest, released a Joint Declaration.