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Regional Workshop 3: Central Europe

*** Due to the exceptional circumstances, this workshop is postponed to Friday 11 September 2020 TBC instead of 15 May 2020. More information coming soon***

The third Regional Workshop of the HOSPEEMEPSU joint project “Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Hospital Sector in the East, South and Central Europe”, will take place on 11 September 2020 (TBC) in Zagreb, Croatia. The workshop is organised by HSSMS-MT (EPSU affiliate, Croatia) and co-organised by EPSU.

The geographical focus of this third workshop is on Central Europe, specifically targeted at Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia. Please find also information  the EPSU dedicated project webpage.

Agenda and media release

Draft agenda, as of 30.03.2020


Strengthening Social Dialogue project description (2019-2020)
European Sectoral Social Dialogue activities overview (2006-2019)


EPSU has also published a webpage on this topic.

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